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Flat Roofing Bournemouth 

Roofs give protection to the structure of a house and its occupants. They prevent seepage of water down your walls that can affect their integrity. They protect you and your family from extreme weather conditions. They also add aesthetic value to your house. Roofs are either pitched or flat. They can be constructed with several materials, including timber, metal, fibreglass, UPVC, etc. A roof can be a complex structure and has several components, including fascia, soffits, guttering, and chimneys. If you are looking for flat or pitched roof replacement, repairs, or a new installation, we can provide you with the required services. Our flat roof installers in Bournemouth have considerable experience and are equipped with modern tools to resolve all flat roof replacements and problems.

Comprehensive, Flat Roofing Bournemouth Installation

If you are looking for a new flat roof installation, our flat roofing company in Bournemouth can provide you with a complete installation. Once you select the roofing material, the necessary measurements will be taken. Complete roofing will include all components such as guttering, fascia, soffits, chimney, etc. We also provide replacement of pitched roofs with flat ones and vice versa.

Repair Services for Flat Roofs

We also provide flat roof repair in Bournemouth. With time, roofs can deteriorate, and they might not offer effective protection anymore. They may require minor or major repairs, or they may need to be replaced. Invite our specialists to inspect your roof if you are facing problems like mould, dampness, and leakage.

Leak Detection and Repairs

If you are experiencing a leaky flat roof, it might be because of damage or old age. Your roof may have developed holes because of ageing or natural hazards such as storms. Water can easily seep through these holes and enter the structure of your home. If this goes on for long, it can affect the structural integrity of your home. Our flat roof specialist in Bournemouth can help in the identification of leakages and provide the necessary repairs.

Repair or Replacement of Gutter

Guttering at the edge of your roof provides effective drainage of rainwater. They might be blocked because of dirt, debris, grime, etc. The blockage will prevent proper drainage, and water may accumulate in different locations on your roof. Furthermore, your guttering may have been damaged. Our roofing Bournemouth team of specialists can provide you with guttering repairs or replacements. We also provide periodic inspection and cleaning services that can keep your guttering clean and operational.

Replacement of Other Roofing Components

Fascia boards are installed at the point of conjunction with the outer walls and the roof, also known as the roofline, which carries the guttering. Soffit helps with ventilation and helps with air circulation in your attic. Your roof may also have a chimney that might need repair or replacement. Our flat roofing Bournemouth team can provide repairs or replacements of all the roofing components. 

Select From a Variety of Material

A number of materials can be used to build flat roofs, including UPVC, EPDM, Neoprene, and many more. UPVC is an incredible raw material with outstanding properties. It can offer heat insulation of over 40 %. It is much safer than other materials as it is self-extinguishing and will prevent fire from spreading. It is non-corrosive and highly resistant to weather conditions. It also has excellent waterproofing qualities and lasts longer than most other roofing materials. We provide highly reliable UPVC roofing in Bournemouth for residential and commercial properties.

Natural Hazards and Emergency Services

Natural hazards such as torrential rains and windstorms can damage your roof. Such damages cannot be ignored for long and should be addressed at the earliest. Our experts are available for any emergency repair or replacement services if your roof has been damaged because of a natural hazard.

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