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Property Refurbishment

Property Refurbishments

Your home is your refuge. A visually pleasing and aesthetic home has countless psychological benefits for you and your loved ones. However, with time, the interior and exterior of your home may deteriorate, and you might have to consider a partial or full-scale refurbishment. Landlords also carry out refurbishment to increase the value of their property or to make it more attractive for tenants. Refurbishment may also be required if a particular property has remained vacant for a long. Whatever your reason for refurbishment may be, our in-house team of expert engineers, interior designers, painters, tilers, etc., can make your home look new again. We provide property refurbishments for houses of all sizes to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Tailored Refurbishments for Your Home

Our property refurbishment services include:

  • Complete and Comprehensive Refurbishment
  • Exterior Refurbishment
  • Interior Refurbishment
  • Tailored and Customised Refurbishment Plans

Exterior Refurbishment 

Whether it is your roof, chimney, or exterior paint, our team of experts can provide you with exterior building refurbishment. Depending on the current quality of the exterior, we will repair your walls, do window repairs and painting, wall painting, roofing repairs, and all other services which are required to bring the exterior of your home into an immaculate and visually pleasing condition.   

Interior Refurbishment

Interior refurbishment services include the following:

  • Kitchen refurbishment
  • Refurbishment of all bathrooms
  • Refurbishment of all rooms, including bedrooms, living space, etc.
  • Repairs and repainting of walls.
  • Woodwork
  • Tiling

Depending on your requirements, you can avail of any of the above services or a combination of two or more. All the above services are comprehensive. If you avail complete kitchen refurbishment, it will include repairs of walls, repainting, removal of old tiles, installation of new tiles, kitchen counter repair or replacement, repair of utilities, etc.

Complete bathroom refurbishment will include the replacement of tiles, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, etc.

Comprehensive or Customised Refurbishment

A complete house refurbishment will include all the above services. From your outdoor space to your bedrooms, our specialists will refurbish everything. Our services can be customised according to your needs. For instance, if you require only kitchen and bathroom refurbishment, we can tailor your refurbishment package accordingly. We not only cater to the residential sector but also provide commercial property refurbishment.

Most Reliable Property Refurbishments

When you hire us, you will not have to look around for people of different trades because we have them all in our in-house team. We hire third-party professionals only if we have to. An entire team is dedicated to carrying out property refurbishments, and a team leader is appointed to manage them. Your dedicated manager will guide you every step of the way and keep you updated. Our team members are qualified and licensed in their respective trades. They are equipped with substantial practical experience to provide you with highly satisfying refurbishment services.

We Follow a Simple Process

If you are thinking about carrying out property refurbishment and you cannot make up your mind whether to hire a company that provides all services under one roof or look for individual tradesmen for every other job, we suggest you get in touch with our property refurbishment contractors. Our refurbishment packages will convince you. We usually begin by carrying out a detailed inspection of the property that is to be refurbished. Inspection is followed by a detailed refurbishment plan and quote. If you find that suitable, we will provide you with a booking date to begin your property refurbishment.

How Much Time Do We Take?

Completion time for property refurbishments will vary according to the scale of work. A full-scale refurbishment will take a lot more time than a partial refurbishment. If you are looking forward to selling your home and you are short of time, we can provide you with a quick facelift within your required deadline. Rest assured, our team would never compromise on quality just to finish a job quickly.

A Long List of Satisfied Customers

We have carried out countless property refurbishments to the complete satisfaction of our customers. You can go through some of our customer reviews and check pictures of our completed projects in our gallery. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, such as property maintenance. 

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