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Loft Conversion Planning Drawings

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Mountbank Developments LTD are professional builders who specialize in new builds and property development. We master in designing and building flats, homes, and bungalows. We are a team of trusted employed tradesmen who ensure that you get the best quality products. Moreover, our builders guarantee the best services as they use materials of the highest quality. We are experienced in insurance work and offer you services of high standards. We are a registered team of professionals as we are registered members of the federation of small businesses and NHBC.

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What is a loft conversion?

A loft conversion is a process in which an empty attic space or a loft is transformed into a fully functional room. With the right loft conversion plans, it can be used as a gym, an office, or a new bedroom.  Loft conversions are considered to be one of the most significant improvements you can do to your house.

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What do we offer?

 A loft conversion can be a great investment as it can add to the value of your house. Moreover, it can also increase the living space in your home. So if you need extra living space but don’t want to take the stress to move into another home, then a loft conversion is for you.  

Moreover, if you need to fit extra family members in your home, or want to add a few more rooms, then our team provides you need loft extension plans.

Our team offers you

  • Loft conversion drawings 
  • Loft conversion plans 
  • Extension planning drawings 
  • House extension drawings


Do you need loft conversion drawings?

Architect drawings for loft conversion are nothing but an estimation by the builders.  They are to make sure that your loft plans can be brought into life. 

Moreover, plans for loft conversion are made to check whether or not the walls and pillars of your home will be able to stand the additional weight, the house will have after the conversion.

Moreover, loft conversion plans drawings are to ensure that your house will stay safe after the conversion. 

In most cases of loft conversions, you will have to meet many loft conversion building regulations, if you hire our architect for loft conversion. 

Our architect loft conversion team will also check the sound insulations, waterlines and fire safety to make sure that the neighbours are not disturbed and other small details. 


How to do a loft conversion?

A dormer loft conversion is the most popular common loft conversion in the UK. They are suitable for the houses with a sloping roof. But for loft conversions, you need to have a loft conversion planning which will include making loft conversion drawings to make sure the feasibility of your loft plans. 


How much does it cost to do a loft conversion?

Loft conversions can add a significant amount of value to your homes. Loft conversions will depend on the kind of conversion you have opted for your loft, the area you live in, and whether you need loft planning permissions for your loft conversion or not. 

The quality loft conversions can be very costly. A proper loft conversion needs loft conversion drawings and the loft conversion plans drawings can be very costly. Loft conversion architect cost can be 5 to 7 % of the total construction cost of your loft conversion.  

We offer you the most affordable loft conversion cost. 


What else do we offer?

If you need more space in your loft, then you can have loft extension rather than a loft conversion. Because it will extend your loft and will provide you with more room. But if you need more than one room or you want a drawing room or a living room then you should consider a house extension.

We offer high quality extension planning drawings and house extension drawing to bring life to your plans.


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