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Quality Loft Conversions Hampshire 

Loft conversions are one of the best ways of adding space to your existing home. Space, as you know, is becoming rare with every passing day. New homes are getting smaller and much more expensive. Landlords and homeowners, therefore, have to find out new and innovative ways of adding space while staying within their budget. This is where we come in. Our loft conversion contractors in Hampshire offer you bespoke loft conversions that meet your space requirements and are tailored to meet your budget. Contact us for customised and affordable loft conversions Hampshire.

Benefits of Loft Conversions

  • More space at a much lower cost compared to house extensions or buying a new home.
  • Less complicated and technical than house extensions and new builds.
  • Space can be added in the form of new bedrooms, bathrooms, storage, and even a game room.
  • Most conversions are allowed under permitted development rights. 
  • Enhanced aesthetics and visually pleasing.
  • Increased estate value.

Which Loft Conversion Can You Get?

Not every loft can be converted. Depending on your existing loft and the type of conversion you want to carry out, several prerequisites have to be met. However, our loft conversion specialists in Hampshire can carry out a majority of alterations and make them possible for you. Our team will inspect your existing loft and provide you with the best possible advice. The most common loft conversions are:

  • Rooflight Loft Conversion
  • Hip To Gable Conversion
  • Mansard Conversion
  • Dormer Conversion

Rooflight Conversion

If you are short of space as well as funds, rooflight conversion is the best option for you. It does not require any structural changes or major alterations. Our construction team will transform your existing loft into usable space by adding flooring, a staircase for access, and pitched roof lights. Other utilities will also be installed depending on what type of room you want in your loft. This type of conversion is the simplest of all, takes much less time, and does not require planning permission.

Hip to Gable Conversion

If you have a semi-detached house or a bungalow, their sloping roof can be modified to create substantial space for you. This is done by constructing a gable wall and creating a roof to fill the gap. This changes the shape of your roof dramatically and transforms the appearance of your home into a highly aesthetic one. If you want to increase your space further, we can combine a rear dormer conversion with a hip to gable conversion. This will result in the creation of considerable space, which can be used for building any room you want. We can even carry out a double hip to gable conversion depending on the existing structure of your roof.

Dormer Conversion

Dormer conversions are suitable for nearly every type of house structure, including detached, semi-detached, and terraced houses. They involve the construction of a box-shaped structure projecting from your existing roof. The walls are vertical and provide you with extra headroom. Our loft conversions Hampshire team can carry out different types of dormer conversions, including gable front dormers, hip roofs, shed dormers, and flat roofs.

Mansard Conversion

Mansard conversions are usually carried out at the rear side of your property. However, double mansard conversions can also be carried out. They involve making the roof horizontal and erecting walls, which look almost straight but are usually angled at 72 degrees. Our expert construction team can provide you with a single mansard, double mansard, and L-shaped conversions to get the largest amount of space. Mansard conversions change the look of your house, add to its aesthetic value, and increase the estate value of your property.

The Planning Permission & Building Regulations Are Included

Our complete and professional construction team comprises architects, structural engineers, and technicians (electricians, plumbers, etc.). Our team will do their best so that your conversion does not require planning permission. Conversions can be carried out in a way to avoid the need for planning permission approval. However, even if that is unavoidable, it would be our responsibility to get the approval for you. Regardless of which type of conversion you are carrying out, you will require building regulations approval. Our team will coordinate with the regulatory department and will be responsible for getting the completion certificate from the building department. Rest assured, your loft conversion will be free from stress and hassle.

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